Advanced Delivery

Are You Getting The Most

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Welcome to the revolution of advanced nutritional delivery: LipoRevolution™

Site last updated November 6th, 2018

Advanced Delivery

Our Liposomes

  • All natural ingredients
  • High potency nutritional ingredients
  • 400mg all-natural sunflower lecithin phosphatidylcholine per dose (not hydroxylated, hydrogenated, or “essential” phospholipids)
  • 30 doses per bottle (except the Vitamin B12/Methylfolate product where this contains 60 doses)
  • Scientifically studied structure
  • Scientifically studied liposomal delivery method
  • Easy to take liquid form
  • No high pressure, high temperature or alcohol used to create liposomes

The Difference

Why our liposomes are different than traditional supplements

Liposomes act as little guardian bubbles, surrounding and protecting nutrients as they move through your digestive system, through your bloodstream and delivering nutrients directly into your cells for optimal nutrient absorption. Traditional supplements do not contain this liposomal protection, therefore are exposed to stomach acids and bile which degrade their absorption. Liposomal formulas are also well tolerated by all ages and even for those with sensitive stomachs. They are convenient to take, as they are liquid form and can even be combined together, making for a simple single ‘shot’ of nutrients in the morning. No more multiple tablets and pills to meet your supplement needs.


We choose liposomes as close to nature made as possible

We don’t believe in heating, high pressure or adding alcohol to make liposomes. We also don’t believe in making them microscopically small. Our uniform liposomes are as close to nature as possible, but with the best technology from a GMP certified facility.

The Non-Soy Difference

We choose sunflower over soy for liposomes

We believe in non-soy liposomes. Soy may interfere with our natural hormone balance in both men and women and is becoming an increasing food intolerance. Additionally, our liposomes are made from natural, non-GMO, non-hydrogenated sunflower phosphatidylcholine, an essential phospholipid that is beneficial for many vital functions in the body. We don’t use soy in any of our products.

Perfect for humans

Liposomes made by humans for humans

Liposomes are found in nature; mother’s breastmilk features liposomal delivery of her nutrients to her baby. In addition to the growing popularity in liposomal supplements due to their advanced delivery, liposomal technology is also a popular and up-and-coming trend in pharmaceuticals


Liposomes found in Nature, Utilised by Science

Mastering liposomal technology

Liposomes have long been used by nature to deliver life sustaining nutrition via mother’s milk and by pharmaceutical companies to deliver various active ingredients. Liporevolution™ has mastered liposomal technology using natural non-soy phosphatidylcholine liposomes as a delivery method for key nutrients.

Natural Flavours

Nothing synthetic

Natural flavours are fruit and berry extracts and contain no MSG, no tomato, nothing synthetic.

Convenient & Gentle

Easier for your digestion system

No more capsules, just a single liquid shot that can be combined in your favourite juice or topped up in a blended smoothie. Most people find that it needs to be taken just once a day.

Is Food Enough for Health?

Just eating well isn’t enough

Can’t we just eat well and get enough nutrients from our food? Due to depleted nutrients in our soil and stressful lifestyles, anyone may benefit from nutritional supplementation.