Kathleen & Rod

About Us

We are a husband and wife team
who live and breathe all things health.

Kathleen has been a health practitioner in the nutritional health industry for years, serving the holistic health needs of people from the very young to the elderly. Rod has worked in the personal training and exercise industry, and is currently operations manager and co-director of LipoRevolution™ and Dr Kathleen’s Practice (www.drkathleen.co.nz) as well as Rod Schubert Financial Advice (www.rsfa.co.nz). Both of us have active lifestyles, involved in martial arts, dance, weight training and daily beach walking with our Samoyed. Over the years, we both have experienced a vast range of nutritional supplementation, and were determined to create supplements that were easy to take, high potency, free of common allergens, and highly absorbable for maximum benefit. After years of work, we have achieved this through LipoRevolution™.

We know you and your family will enjoy the benefits of our advanced delivery, LipoRevolution™ nutrients just as much as we do!

*Dr Kathleen is not a registered GP in New Zealand and as such does not act as your primary health provider